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Since 2011, I’ve been writing a lot about all kinds of products, from tech products, office supplies and ink and toners to jewelry, toys, LED lights, fitness equipment, but also travel deals, just to name a few.

All these product descriptions need great photos to make the product even more attractive. In some cases I really got extra creative and designed a whole layout to surround them with.

Product Images – Portfolio

These are some of the product images that I have created:

Quad / Motor for Kids

Quad and Motor bikes for Kids (for KoopJeDeal) – Dutch

Crosser for kids

Detailed photo of the crosser for kids (for KoopJeDeal)

Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses for reading ‘Around the Corner’ (for KoopJeDeal) – Dutch

LED Candles

LED Candles (with photoshopped candles on the table) (for KoopJeDeal) – Dutch

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