Jewelry design

In 2013, I started creating jewelry as a way of saving money on clothing and accessories. It was just with the intend for wearing it myself. When I was little, I had made a couple of beaded earrings, but I hadn’t made anything since then (and I wasn’t really good at it back that). But in 2013,  making jewelry was the thing to do and many shops were selling many parts to make jewelry with. For someone as creative as me, that’s all it takes to get my creativity flowing, so I got inspired to create my first pieces.

At first, I didn’t want to make my jewelry too girly. I liked the jewelry with leather, ropes and metal accessories, so it was only natural to me that I would start out making jewelry with rings and leather ropes.

Over time, I’ve been creating all kinds of jewelry with various techniques, like weave beading or chainmaille. I also use all kinds of materials like aluminium wire, beads, metals, fabric and more.

Most of the jewelry I’ve designed are wearable, but some are experimental just to try out a certain technique.

From 2015 to 2016 my jewelry was on display at an art exhibition in the Netherlands and I’ve had a display with items for sale at a local beauty school, as well as an online shop. Nevertheless, this is just a hobby to me and I have no intend to turn this into a real business. I might be starting an Etsy store or selling at markets down the line, though.

Please follow my special Instagram account to see my latest creations, jewelry_by_nora_tol. If you see anything you like, let me know, I’m usually willing to sell.

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