Small apartments using clever interior design

Published October 8th 2015

Now that I have a design category on my website, I can share fun things like this too. I don’t know about you, but when I browse YouTube or Pinterest, I usually look at how people decorate their homes. Luckily, people open up their doors to the camera and give you a tour of their lovely place, both large and small. And I’m especially amazed by the clever ways some people have utilized every little bit in small apartments.

The interest in this, for me, all started with running into a YouTube movie someone made about a fold out system to create various living spaces in a small New York apartment. I showed someone, who then turned me onto a similar idea of someone’s apartment in Japan. From there it grew. These videos are some of my favorites.

Keep in mind, I had nothing to do creating these videos at all, I’m just sharing the great ideas other people had.

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