New York is building its first micro unit building

Published November 16th 2015

I have such a great interest in real estate, interior design and I love New York, so I just had to write about this project I heard about recently.

The city of New York is taking inspiration from the Eastern world, where space is just as scarce and expensive as it is in New York. And while in Japan it’s already very common to have micro apartment units,  New York is being introduced to the concept of a micro unit building later this year with the built of Carmel Place.

Carmel Place will feature only small apartments that are spaced between 260 and 360 square feet, which is smaller than the legal minimum of 400 square feet New York usually holds up to. Due to the mayor’s support the project was able to override this legal snag.

The building is a result of a design competition, won by nArchitects, with the objective to test if New Yorkers would be into such a concept. Playing into the many one- and two-person households, the building will offer 55 residential units and 11 for other purposes.

It is bound to be popular, as the reduction of space will mean these units are the most affordable around. At least, it’s been reported 22 units will be affordable for low- and middle income households and  veterans with Section 8 vouchers. And as you know, there are many great tips to find on YouTube about how to make life comfortable in a micro apartment.

The prefab modular units have been stacked in July of this year, giving New York its first glance of the building’s exterior. The first units should be completed late this fall. A tour of the building can be found in New York Magazine.

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