Designers get creative on how malls will look in 10 years

Published March 23rd 2016

I’m sure that it’s a common sight worldwide. Empty shops in malls. No matter where I go, I see how much the world is changing and I’ve often found myself wondering what the future is going to look like. Literally.

The Power of Internet

As you may know, by following me online of course, you’ll know how the power of Internet has always excited me, and intrigued me. Businesses who thought they were market leaders, were suddenly thrown to the bottom and other, usually younger and smaller, businesses suddenly became the leaders of a completely new era. It’s a situation most of the branches are still getting used to.

Our Habits Have Shifted

With a new generation growing up not knowing a world without Internet, it was just a matter of time before the impact of Internet and our shift towards doing things online, would reflect on our streets. Shops are closing, which means malls are looking more and more empty each day.

The Future Of Malls

This is not something only people are noticing. Westfield, owners of a few malls internationally, has too and asked designers and scientists to think about what malls might look like 10 years from now. Will they be full of pick up points and customer service desks for online stores? Will they only have coffee shops and places to eat? Or will they just not have a future existence at all?

Well apparently, it’s a little bit of everything. Malls could very well get turned into apartments, meeting areas, even new types of shops. Check out their ideas right here.

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