Fun creation: Nintendo Switch money gift card

It’s becoming pretty accustomed, within my friends and family, to ask for money instead of gifts when we are celebrating our birthdays. So much so, that even the kids have started asking for money when they want to save up for bigger things. I’m all about supporting larger goals, and participate in their creativity to raise money, but handing them over a dull envelope with cash in it, is another thing. So, how can you creatively give a money gift? Well, I created this Nintendo Switch card with the money slightly hidden in it. This is how I made it.

Money gift

How To Create My Nintendo Switch Money Gift Card

What you need:

  1. Photo paper, or printing paper
  2. Cardboard, enough for two layers
  3. Scissors or a knife (depending on the thickness of your paper and cardboard)
  4. Glue (suited for paper)
  5. Office tape
  6. One bill of money

Start creating:

  1. Print out a picture of the Nintendo Switch.
    • The picture I used was 1200 pixels in size and printed out in the right format needed on an A4/Letter sized paper
    • Note: I made the mistake of using regular paper. The glue came through, so it’s better to use photo paper or something thicker than 80 grams/m²
  2. Cut to shape as Nintendo Switch
  3. In the picture, make a vertical cut on the left side of the screen – put picture aside to use later!
  4. Cut two cardboards to the same shape
  5. In one cardboard, cut out an additional space underneath the controller area of the Nintendo Switch picture to create a compartment for the money bill:

    Instruction money gift card

    The middle layer of the gift card houses space for the money bill

  6. Glue the two cardboard layers together
  7. Cut an arrow out of a piece of paper, and tape it to the money bill
  8. Either loosely zig zag-fold the money bill – really, very loosely! – or roll it, if it fits
    • You want the shape of the zig zag more than you want it to be really folded, but the total height of the ‘folded’ bill needs to fit in the pocket you created in the top layer of the cardboard
  9. Put glue on the back of the Nintendo Switch photo,  but WAIT before gluing it onto the cardboard!
  10. Pull a little piece of the money bill through the cut, make sure it doesn’t touch any glue
  11. Finally, glue the photo on the top of your cardboard, placing the zig zag or rolled part of the money bill inside the space you’ve got in your top cardboard layer.
  12. All done!
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