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Personally, I’m very driven by curiosity and luckily I’m not alone.

The great thing about the Internet, is that it can get you to discover great resources for whatever you want to research or learn.

Another opportunity that it provides, is the ability to teach others the things you know. I don’t hesitate to share my knowledge, so I’ve written various online courses as well as helpful articles.

While I was web designing, I’ve shared much of my knowledge in blogs and articles, but I also wrote two online HTML courses, who’ve always been offered for free on my website.

HTML Step By Step
HTML 5: Step By Step

I’ve also written a Dutch version of the first HTML Course.

Last year, I got heavily into mixing vocals in Logic X, so I also made a step by step course explaining all the steps to mixing vocals.

Currently, I’m extending my online Internet courses with some more in depth knowledge of search engines and SEO, so, as you can tell, more useful information will surely follow.



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