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Newsletter 2014-10-18

Read my newsletter from October 18th 2014

Newsletters are a great way to build rapport with your clients or audience. You can use newsletters for many purposes, for instance, promotion or special announcements, to name a few.

They are just a great way to engage people in what you’re doing, whether that’s your business, your blog or your art. It’s an opportunity to let people know you are still around.

I have maintained a few digital newsletters over the years, mainly for R&B artists (MN8, DeAnte, Sat-R-Day), as well as for myself. I have mainly noticed it reconnects the fan to the music, makes them visit the website again and it’s even provided news for other websites to feature. For instance, this Sat-R-Day news article was copied from our mailing. Read more about my experience with newsletters.

Why Send Digital Newsletters?

Sending out digital newsletters, and therefore embarking on some e-mail marketing, really slims down the costs of your mailings.

You are able, for instance, to draw traffic to your website or (online) store, or introduce a new product or service, or just pass on information, like the extra opening hours of your store or business during the holidays.

What To Write About?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, blogger or an artist, I bet you always have something going on. It’s easy to use your current projects just to touch base with your following.

If you want to turn your newsletter into a traffic driver to your websites or business, however, it’s wise to start with determining a target for the mailing. What or who is it you want to reach with it? Then strategically set your content accordingly.

For instance, if you want to drive traffic to your website, make sure the content explains what’s new on the site and has a socalled “Call To Action”; a fancy way of saying you a need a link or button, that takes people directly to where you want them to go.

In some cases, it’s a great idea to set up a special landing page on your website to direct people to. This is a special webpage where you only feature the information you wanted people to “land on”. For instance, a sign up page or a page with all the products that are on sale.

Analyzing The Results

It’s important to know your audience and how they respond to your mailings. It’s easy to monitor the results of your mailings and adjust your newsletter accordingly.

With some mailing systems, it’s even possible to do some A/B testing. This, for instance, means you send out two versions of your mailing to monitor how two different selections of your customers respond to your newsletter.

Then, start analyzing the results; how many people have opened the email, how many links were clicked and which links were clicked. This can give you such great insights to optimize your newsletter.

Need Help?

I can help you start or improve your digital newsletters. Feel free to get in touch with me for more information (yes, that is a Call To Action!).


My Experience With Newsletters

When I was a kid I made newsletters, on paper, with the latest, artist specific, music news and tried to sell them to fans.

Artist Newsletters

With the uprise of Internet, there was no need for my newsletters anymore, but I quickly moved into building websites for artists and therefore also got involved in keeping their fanbase engaged.

This included sending out newsletters and doing some basic e-mail marketing. These are the artists I worked for:
Nora Tol (yep, me!)

Company Newsletters

Later, with my web design company, Nora Tol Virtual Publishing (1995 – 2012), I would include monthly newsletters with the invoices.

It was a great way to communicate developments in the world of e-commerce and webdesign, promote any of my new services and spark a little attention for other projects that I’d been working on.

Commercial Newsletters

Working for several companies on payroll from 2011 – 2014, I also gained experience with commercial newsletters. E-mail marketing for professionals.

From 2011 – 2014 I was a member of Staples’ web team, responsible for all e-commerce activity for the Netherlands. Even though my official role had nothing to do with the content of the mailings, my content team and I were responsible for making sure the promoted products within the mailings were online on time.

As part of the web team I was aked to brainstorm weekly with the web designer and other team members, about the way the mailings looked, and which copy was used.

I closed the end of 2014 working for, which, in business model, you can compare to Groupon. There, I was responsible for writing all content for the daily newsletter deals and sending out the mailings. They are a great example on how important your customer database and e-mail marketing can be for a company.

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