Interviewing people for articles is a great way to get exclusive content for your web site, blog or newsletter. 

Make sure you know the angle of your story prior to doing the interview. Also, make sure you do your research on the person you are interviewing.

Always prepare your questions, but don’t forget to listen carefully to the answers given and be really flexible to add new questions or remove some of your prepared questions, because an answer was already given. In other words, don’t use your preperation as a fixed script.

Once you have a recording of the interview, you can decide to transcript the whole thing or skip directly to the bits you want to use. Keep in mind, a full transcript could really come in use later as well. 

My experience with interviews

I have to admit that it’s been a while, since I’ve interviewed people. While I was running the Official MN8 Web site, I interviewed the band. 

Later, for XS Kids, a children’s website by a Dutch ISP, I interviewed UK Pop Group Another Level and the creator of a children’s TV Show called Bump In The Night. 

For Scarlet Village, an online magazing for Scarlet Telecom, I did my biggest interview with Oleta Adams and, together with another reporter, I interviewed the cast of the musical boyband.

At Scarlet Village, we would also receive interview material from film production companies, which I would process and use for articles about new movies. Their interviews were used as streaming videos as well as quotes in the article. This is also how I got to write an arricle about the shooting of a music video by Dutch R&B group DeAnte.

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