Have You Noticed You’re Paying Less For Uber Rides In January?

Written for Uber Car Organization
Published January 13th 2016

Uber's price cut

Uber tries to get you in their cars

Uber has discovered that we love, love, love staying in this month. After the holidays, we just don’t want to do any more shopping and, even though we really wanted to hit the gym, we not that motivated to get there, so Uber sees a decrease in rides. Dropping the prices is one way they plan to get us booking rides.

Here’s the original blog I wrote:


You would think that it’s human behavior, with a new year that has started, that we are all up and about trying to make things happen. You know, keeping those New Year resolutions in mind. But it turns out, that we are all most likely to stay home more in the month of January.

This means Uber has less rides in January than it has at any other time of the year. So, Uber thought to drop the prices in selected cities in an attempt to get us in their cars anyway.

About 100 cities across the States and Canada will be honored with reduced prices, ranging from a 15% – 50% drop, depending on location.

Uber has tested this method in the past years and has discovered they can only do it in cities where it’s proven to increase demand for rides. Meaning their drivers can still make the money they are used to, obviously driving more. In other areas it just doesn’t have that same effect and a price cut would mean drivers would seriously not have the opportunity to make the money they usually do.

Either way, I’m sure Uber drivers would be extremely happy when these slow times have passed.

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