Would You Like Some Free Wi-Fi With Your Uber ride?

Written for Uber Car Organization
Published January 11th 2016

Uber´s free wi-fi

Uber’s treat for event goers

Uber and T-Mobile have come up with a real treat for the techies coming to Vegas for an event. They will receive free wi-fi during their Uber ride. How handy is that?! Is it something all Uber passengers could get?

Here’s the original blog I wrote:

Fancy taking care of your mail in the backseat of your Uber ride? Want to use WhatsApp or iMessage without the extra cost of data usage, because you are out on the road?

Well, in Las Vegas you can! Vinli and T-Mobile will be helping Uber to provide their Vegas rides with Wi-Fi, at least, for a while. The offer of free internet will only be available during CES 2016, when the city is flooded with tech lovers and professionals.

So far, Wi-Fi had only be offered in the US as part of an UberBlack test, and has been limited to a few cities only. It’s further experimented with this in India and Italy.

In Vegas, however, all Uber cars will be acting like a Wi-Fi hotspot using their OBD II ports. This is something each car, newer than 1996, should have.  A small adapter will be connected to the port, that smartphones use through Bluetooth. It will then provide a T-Mobile 4G connection for passengers to use.

The system will also allow extra apps to be available to Uber drivers, to enhance safe and smarter driving.

CES will be held in Vegas next month.

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