Secretly, Uber Is A Foodie

Written for Uber Car Organization
Published January 12th 2016

Uber loves food

Uber loves food

It’s so easy to connect Uber to their ride-sharing services, but there’s more to Uber. Secretly, Uber is quite a foodie and is also working on getting the best of foods to your place within 10 minutes. Find out more about this.

Here’s the original blog I wrote:

Whenever you think of Uber, their ride sharing services are probably the only services that come to mind, but secretly, Uber is also a bit of a foodie.


UberEATS is a service, only available in selected cities, that allows you to order your food and schedule its delivery. Restaurants who’ve joined UberEATS offer curated menus with their best dishes for you to order in. You pay for this through your Uber account, so cash is only needed to tip the driver.

Delivery times are always about 10 minutes or less and, as you would expect from Uber, you’ll get a notification when your Uber driver will be arriving at your doorstep with your food. It couldn’t be any easier.

UberEATS was originally launched as UberFRESH in 2014. It was nothing more than an on-demand food service that was using their existing car service app. In April 2015, the Uber app actually got its own UberEATS button, but this week UberEATS has launched its very own standalone app.

This allows you to use UberEATS, even if you have no interest of using other Uber services. UberEats is still upcoming and this move should definitely increase the demand for the service.

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