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Published January 4th 2016

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The concept and business model of Uber is of interest to many. It’s attempted to be applied to other branches, but not all Uber-like ideas get to see the light of day, like one for flight-sharing. However, the actual service already exist, but it’s just not allowed to be public knowledge…

Here’s the original blog I wrote:

I think many people share my wish to travel the world more, so it sounded like an interesting idea when private pilots wanted to offer a flight-sharing service to the public called Flytenow.

Inspired by Uber, they had launched a website that would connect private pilots with passengers to share fuel costs and other flight expenses, but unfortunately the Federal Aviation Administration shut that idea down.

The FAA considered this to be advertising and that changes the game a lot. Rules are in place to guarantee safety for commercial flights and this was something not be dismissed. The US court agreed, in an appeal filed by Flytenow, and the company is ordered to stop offering their mediation.

Oddly enough, private pilots are actually allowed to offer flight-sharing with people they invite on board. This is already being offered using many other methods, so the website would only take that to a larger, more public, scale.

Altogether, Flytenow has offered their service for a little over a year. The news about their loss in court just broke an hour before my writing this blog, so they’ve not responded to it yet, but I’m sure they are bummed. What would Uber have done now?

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