Lyft Responds To Uber Price Drop

Written for Uber Car Organization
Published January 19th 2016

Uber and Lyft compete on rates

Uber and Lyft compete on rates

Earlier this month Uber had lowered the prices in a few cities, in order to get more people booking rides in this slow month. Of course, it wouldn’t be long until competitors responded and indeed, that’s what Lyft did. They too, dropped their rates in a couple of places.

Here’s the original blog I wrote:

Uber has dropped the prices in various cities this month, in order to encourage passengers to still book their Uber ride in January, a typically slow month.

In response to this, competitor Lyft has recently announced to follow Uber’s lead, explaining, they too, are lowering the prices to help people keep their new year’s resolutions to save money. Though, there is a slight hint at their competitive motivation because “affordability matters”.

While Uber has lowered prices in 100 cities, Lyft has dropped the prices in 33, including Washington DC, Denver, LA, Detroit, San Diego, San Francisco and Baltimore. In some cases, this means that taking a Lyft Line is cheaper than booking an Uber X ride.

The new pricing affects the commissions Lyft drivers get, but, reportedly, Lyft still offers more pay than Uber.

In a recent article on All Tech Considered, it’s already mentioned that the competition between Uber and Lyft has zoomed in on the drivers. With an earning per signup, brand ambassadors, or rather good old fashioned recruiters, are trying to take drivers away from their competitor.

The article shows, it’s actually not as easy as it sounds. Drivers seem to be very aware of the company they chosen to drive for. It makes me wonder, which one would you pick?

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  2. Thanks for letting me know about the broken link. I’ll post the full blogs to my site asap.

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