Even Uber Understands The Power of Content

Written for Uber Car Organization
Published January 14th 2016

Uber blog about Trip Experience

Uber’s Trip Experience enhancement

Uber offer rides to millions of people every year, and with so many people in your car, you can offer brands all kinds of exposure. The days you were advertisement free during your Uber ride are, in fact, very numbered. The Uber app already added a feature to enhance your experience and whoever knows what’s next. The know the power of content

Here’s the original blog I wrote: 

As an online content manager, I know the power of good content. With Uber’s ability to reach millions of people daily, they are of interest to companies who want to advertise as well as parties with all kinds of content on offer.

Trip Experiences

And Uber knows that too, so they’ve decided to allow third-party apps to send notifications and ads during your ride with Uber. These little ‘helpful’ messages would be adjusted to the length and destination of your ride and yes, of course, you’ll only get them when you’ve given permission to receive these.

This new features is called “Trip Experiences”, and could mean any kind of thing, from light entertainment to vital information about the area, like good restaurants. On their blog, announcing this feature, Uber samples some ideas of what you could tune in to like a short playlists of songs or a quick update on the news, but you could also arrange a few things at home, like turning on your heat, so it’s nice and warm by the time you get there.

Of course, these little services are really nice and could definitely come in handy, but the intention is to turn this into something profitable, so it won’t be long ‘til you also could get the latest deals offered right from your local stores. You can imagine how marketers are welcoming this idea

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