Do You Uber To The Gym?

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Published January 18th 2016

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Uber New Jersey motivates locals

With the end of the first month of the year coming near, most of the new year’s resolutions are becoming difficult to keep up. Uber New Jersey had a great idea to keep up your momentum if you were using Uber to get to the gym. Find out how they tried to keep their locals motivated.

Here’s the original blog I wrote:

With the start of the new year, many of us are dedicated to making some serious changes in our lifestyle. Uber is always eager to support us with our healthy choices, so on January 14th 2016, they handed out free fitness kits to Uber users in certain areas of New Jersey.

Free Fitness kit

For a limited time, users were able to get a limited edition fitness kit, that contained a Hudson Duffle bag, an “I Uber To The Gym”-shirt, matching sweat pants, facial cream, a Jawbone fitness tracker, boot camp class package and coupons for healthy lunches.

Don’t Work Yourself In A Sweat To Get Them

And they were giving this away for free, but, as with everything Uber campaign related, demand was high and the kits were gone quicker than you could probably spin.

Partner Perks

Of course a free kit is great, but a healthy lifestyle is a gift for a longer time, so I was curious if Uber actually offers discounts on gyms for Uber drivers. A quick search revealed that in some cities they do.

It really depends on where you are located, but in some cities there are even a lot discounts you can take advantage of in various areas, like your car maintenance and food.

In fact, Uber Chicago even has a whole website dedicated to all the “Partner Perks”, as they call it, you can get driving for Uber.

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