Can You Get Reinstated As A Driver If You’re Kicked Off Of Uber?

Written for Uber Car Organization
Published January 13th 2016

Uber ratings blog

Uber ratings blog

The Uber ratings system is there for a reason, but what if you managed to get on the outs with Uber. Can you get reinstated as a driver and how? This is what I’ve found out and the good news is, there is way to fix your reputation as an Uber driver.

Here’s the original blog I wrote:

Every user of Uber gets rated. The highest you can score is 5 stars. As explained earlier, good ratings help you, but bad ratings could get you kicked off from using Uber’s platform.

As a driver, this is bad news. After all, you might be depending on the income Uber provides. The trouble with a deactivation is that Uber might not always tell you why this has happened.

Bad ratings (below 4.6) are just one of the reasons why this could happen. You could also get deactivated if you didn’t have your paperwork in order or if you refused (or canceled) too many rides. And these are not all of the possible reasons.

When you get deactivated, you will have to start working with Uber’s support system (which is usually per e-mail) trying to find out which situation applies to you, so you can start correcting the situation.

But is Uber forgiving? Can you get a second chance to redeem your reputation? The short answer is: Yes, you can.

Obviously, if it’s a paperwork thing that’s holding you back, it’s clearly time to upload the documents Uber needs from you.

If it’s about your low rating, Uber will offer you a special training to improve your customer service skills and street knowledge to get you back on the road. The bad news is, that this will cost you $50.

If you’ve been deactivated due to some sort of inactivity (Uber will deactivate drivers automatically, when they haven’t driven for a month), you can simply request Uber to reactivate your account and you’re good to go.

However, if a passenger has filed a serious complaint or you’ve not been compliant with Uber’s terms and regulations, you can forget about driving for Uber again.

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