Kelly Clarkson loves softly, but comes back hard

Written for Kurrent Music
Published September 10th 2017 

Kelly Clarkson

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“Love So Soft” has brought Kelly Clarkson back to the mainstream. The singer recently signed with Atlantic and announced that a new album would follow this year with the soul genre as the main sound to be found on the album. That new album, “Meaning of Life”, is now expected on October 27th 2017. It has been said that this is the album she has never been able to make under the last deal she had, still stemming from her American Idol days.

Moving away has definitely opened up new doors. If I see anything in the new video, it would be a new, recharged Kelly, who’s ready to make new things happen. The video itself already feels different. Kind of like a musical that meets an artsy dance video.

Alongside of releasing the video for “Love So Soft”, Kelly also released the audio for the ballad “Move You”. Both songs make good use of background vocals and almost show signs of being inspired by old soul and gospel music, but still the songs vary in style.

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