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Published September 7th 2017

Alain Clark

Alain Clark blog

Alain Clark is a well-known name in the Netherlands and has been so for several years. Coming from a musical family – his dad played in his own band –  it was to be expected that Alain would have music in his DNA and find his own place in the business.  At the height of the success of TV talent shows, Alain brought his r&b flavor to the masses as a writer for some of the successful acts that the TV shows produced. And even before stepping out as a successful solo artist, he was receiving important awards from his peers.

Once Alain released his own music, his star really started rising and no one was too surprised to see his biggest hit, “Father & Friend” – a personal duet with his dad, getting an official European release. It’s every Dutch musician’s dream to get international success and we especially appreciate success in the UK, Germany, but the ultimate dream is the US.

When Alain started to work the UK to try to push his career there, it was all over the entertainment news here, but I don’t really know how that has worked out for him. As far as I know, his songs have never charted in the UK.

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