“Write me a love song” – How to get into songwriting (Alt-Mu Magazine)

Alt-Mu magazine

Alt-Mu Magazine featuring my contribution about how to get into songwriting

I’m a contributing writer!

A while ago I’ve been asked to write a little contribution for UK music/art magazine Alt-Mu about songwriting I thought this was a great opportunity to reach even more people and infect them with my biggest passion!

The magazine is intended for creative people world wide and therefor is a great read for people just like me. My article carries the title “Write me a love song / How to get into songwriting”

It took some time for the issue to get out there, but I’m so happy to announce that the magazine is NOW AVAILABLE! You can read my article on page 39 on ISUU. There’s NO CHARGE for you to read it and believe me the rest of the magazine is definitely worth checking out too!


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