Nora Tol launches ElNorado Productions

Nora Tol launches a one-stop-shop for your creative needs. ElNorado Productions is a new music and online media company that creates music, digital content and ofcourse (online) media.

Whether you need music production, online editing, photography, graphic design or whatever else, ElNorado Productions is the go-to company. With partners and a world wide network of creatives in various fields, the company is a full blown partner for many branches and for many purposes. Snappy marketing campaigns, a stand out radio commercial, even that hit song with a killer hook; it’s what ElNorado Productions is here for.

Why believe paradise is out of reachWhat’s in the name ElNorado?

ElNorado is a clever combination of the word Eldorado, a paradise, and my own first name, Nora. This move, for me, is about more than just starting a new business. It’s about re-inventing my life; creating my own little paradise. That’s why this name was chosen. My paradise is to have the freedom to be creative in various ways and make sure I’m not doing the same thing each day from the same location. The expectation is that ElNorado Productions will be a great foundation to support this and a great home to all my current expertise, creativity and entrepreneurship as well as what I will learn from here on in.

Who’s involved?

I, Nora Tol, am ElNorado Productions’ sole owner. Still, most services, are not solely relying on me to be delivered. I have reliable partners in Holland, Australia and the US to work with. There’s also an ever growing, group of freelancers to help out where ever needed. In some cases, ElNorado might just make the connection for you to the right person for the job or it’ll take on the role of coordinator. In others I’ll be working with you directly. I believe service is always custom made. Getting the job done as well as ensuring the continuation of my services is my top priority.

What can we contact ElNorado for?

The list of services is still growing, but currently exists of:
Music production for whatever purpose
Production of radio commercials and radio/DJ drops
Lyric writing
Writing/Editing online content
Optimize site content for search engines
Graphic design for online purposes
Web design and development

For more information, please check out our website

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