Listen to “If You Want It” and read the lyrics

Even though, we are still in the middle of promoting “A Sign”, I still wanted to share another track with you. It’s called “If You Want It”.

Uptempo Pop Song

After a few slow heartbreak songs, it is high time to spice things up again and motivate people to chase their dreams. “If You Want It” tells you to make a plan and prepare for anything, but you can read the full  lyrics right here.

Nora Tol - If you want it promo photo

“You gotta fight”

Online Collaboration

“If You Want It” was written through an online collaboration with UK pop producer Adam Featherstone. Originally, the track was written for a UK girl group, but the song wasn’t chosen. I still think it’s really catchy and just a shame not to share.

Enjoy the song and if you represent an artist who could be interested in this track, please reach out and drop me a line.

Listen To The Full Track of “If You Want It” Here

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