Hello USA!

A few weeks ago I jetted off the States for a bit of a holiday. In fact, it was the first real holiday I’ve had in years. So I thought it was well deserved. I had only arranged the beginning and end of my trip and left everything else to chance. However I did have some idea of what I wanted to do. The intention was to travel to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Memphis, Atlanta, Lancaster and New York, but the weather got my stranded pretty much at the beginning, in San Francisso. A snow storm prevented me from flying to Memphis and Atlanta, but I did make it out to my cousin’s B&B in Lancaster and New York to catch my flight back.

If you haven’t been following me on social media and thus missed all the details of my trip as I was traveling, don’t worry! You can hear more about my trip in the next few episodes of Nora’s Minute in Small Wonder. New episodes appear every weekend at http://smallwonder.co

Nora in Las Vegas

Looking out over Las Vegas from the hotel.

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