Oh my! My site has had 10,000 visitors last month!

Site stats november 2014

Site stats november 2014

Today I got a pleasant surprise while checking out the stats of my website. Last month, November 2014, my website has received over 10,000 unique visits for that month alone! Some people found their way (through social media posts) to some special landingspages, but most of these people were visiting the very site you are viewing right now!

This is amazing news, which has made me very proud. I’m so glad everyone seems to appreciate the content I offer: The ever popular Step by Step HTML Course, as well as my own music, general music news and the information about how to mix vocals appear to be very popular. I’m pleased to see the interest in all of this is growing every month and these kind of numbers are great milestones!

I’m always working very hard to improve my site, so this is very encouraging to keep up the work! Thank you all for visiting my website and I hope you stop by again soon!

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