On and On

Music: Nora Tol
Lyrics: Nora Tol
Vocals: Kim Pendjol

I’ve been thrown back
several occasions
To the starting point of my dreams
I’ve seen it approach me
Been near enough to grab it
But everytime it rolled right out of reach


Nothing is as unpredictable as
Life can be


It’s just a matter of fact
So why not go for a different life?
I can hear you ask


I can get beaten down by luck
I can get heartbroken by love
As long as I stand tall
I’ll go on and on
I can get weakened by defeat
And need some time to recover me
But I’ll come back strong
Ready to go on and on


I’ve my doubts when
I’m faced with hard times
And I can’t see my way clear from here
But deep inside me
I must lock the faith in
And keep it treasured as a dear and near


Nothing else can have this hold on me
And I’m no fool to set it free


It’s just the way it is
And when I think that I might forget
I simply hang on to this




I’ll go on and on
That’s what I’ll do
I’ll go and on
No matter what life puts me through
So if the passing of the time
Brings me a little despair
Well then I take it as it comes
‘cos I’d rather die, trying to get there




© 2003/2012 Nora Tol

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