Magic Of The Shine

Music: Most Illest Entertainment,
Lyrics: Nora Tol,
Vocals: Kim Pendjol

You got your dollar in your pocket
You got your millions sitting on the bank
You count your interest, as you should now
You’re a self acclaimed self made man
All the women flock like birds to you
Like your honey to a bee is how they flirt with you
Make you feel like you’re something else but you
Already believed that yourself

Is all the high life starting to mess with your head?
Do you still run the game or has it taken over instead?
Are you sure your followers are still thinking of your best?
Or is all the glamour starting to cloud their judgment?

If you wear your rocks in sight
You know they attract the light
All the eyes are on the attire
It’s the magic of the shine
If you step up into the light
They’re on you all the time
People get stardust in their eyes
It’s the magic of the shine

You learn quickly how to deal with
People saying they’re the ones you can get real with
Those pretenders, get them in check
Behind the scenes you must be covering your own back
Then there’s the case of what you say
The press rephrases and publishes their own way
Your intentions to keep control
Will soon be going up in smoke

When you go clubbing your security calls ahead
Doors unlock to the VIP room for you and all your friends
The new people that you meet are few and in a glance
Besides your followers there’s really no one else


© 2004 Most Illest Entertainment/Nora Tol Virtual Publishing

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