Step 5 – Emphasizing bits of text

Of course you may want a few bits of your text to jump out of the rest. You have a few options available to you in order to make this happen: underline, bold or italic. In HTML the tags look like this: <U>, <B> en <I>.

Let’s use this in our text:

<TITLE>my own homepage</TITLE>

<BODY BACKGROUND=”images/background.gif” BGCOLOR=”#FFFFE1″ TEXT=”#808080″ LINK=”#FF9B6A” ALINK=”#FF9B6A” VLINK=”#FF0000″>

<B>Nora Tol Virtual Publishing</B> was founded about 12 years ago when owner <I>Nora Tol</I> started offering her web design services.
By demand she quickly expanded her services with <U>designing logos and artwork (DTP)</U> and even started various <U>Internet- and marketing services</U>.
Take a look at her homepage for more information
Or send her an E-mail!


As you can see all tags are closed. The text in between for instance <B> and </B> will be printed in bold on the homepage.

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