Will Bros be famous again?


Written for Kurrent Music Published August 22nd 2017 I was quite excited when I heard the news that UK pop group / boyband Bros were reuniting. Even though the members of the group are brothers and the guys never had… Read on

New: My travel photos on Instagram

Nora Tol in Dusseldorf

Published August 22nd 2017 I’ve been blessed that I have been able to take my work with me wherever I go for most of my professional life. There have been many occasions where I have taken advantage of working remote,… Read on

Music is about love, right?

Music is love

Written for Kurrent Music Published August 18th 2017 I’ve always felt that freedom of speech is very important, but a good person knows there’s a limit to what you can really say in various circumstances. That’s just because you have… Read on